Our Company


Lady Rose products are designed to maintain the natural perfection of the skin with an exclusive and advance formula adapted to any woman.  Due to the natural ingredients, these products guarantee short term results and affordable.  Lady Rose is committed to the consumers with a consistent evolution and development of the formulas and the products you pursue.    


With a commitment to develop skin research, Lady Rose has dedicated decades of studies of lotions and other cosmetic products. Lady Rose dedicated time and work to enhance Colombian industry with social responsibility. Our time and efforts are also dedicated to built capacity among our workforce. Lady Rose invested on its own human resources by opening new venues and access to further education, social benefits and economic development. We believe in the quality of our products, we look forward to opening new markets and to consolidate our advanced formulas in the cosmetic industry.


  • Honesty with the design of the skin care products based on natural ingredient formula
  • Dedication to create advanced skin lotions formulas and to study beauty research 
  • Devoted to promote human resources with social responsibility
  • Discipline and respect towards our clients that relies on products.